We are a team of experts in brand recognition.

Reaching new heights through collaboration, talent, and heart.

Together, we create and propel brands, infusing them with relevance and cohesiveness so they shine bright.

We guide each brand toward the perfect balance of colour, personality, and purpose.

Our expertise

  • Become more remarkable, more captivating, and more authentic.

    An effective brand provides a clear representation of your company’s DNA, bolstering your company’s longevity and market presence. We guide your reflections and create a strategy that embodies what you hope to accomplish and how you’ll get there. Our purpose is to help you rise above the competition and stand tall.

    • Corporate and brand positioning
    • Marketing strategy, digital presence, and social media
    • Culture and employer brand
  • Exude all-around brilliance to express your unique essence.

    Storytelling brings your brand’s personality to life, conveys key messages, and captures the imagination. We tell your story with boundless creativity, solid guidance, and transformative power, tailoring our approach to communicate thoughtfully with all your stakeholders. Our mission is to make sure you feel seen, heard, understood, and celebrated.

    • Impactful copywriting and content
    • Artistic direction and graphic design
    • Visual identity creation
  • Trusted allies to give your brand wings.

    Intentional brand strategy means investing wisely in a strong foundation and a cohesive approach. We take the time to listen to your unique needs and provide solutions that are tailored to your reality, while avoiding transgressions that weaken and harm your brand. By getting to know you by heart, we’re ready to serve as your long-term partners.

    • Strategic counsel in communications and brand management
    • Brainstorming and concept creation (design thinking)
    • Project management and guidance
  • Online presence with real world impact.

    Your virtual identity strengthens your brand’s credibility and positioning. We optimize your web presence and create a positive user experience to generate leads and boost conversions. In today’s parallel world driven by constant creative innovation, we’re here to build, mobilize, and inspire your digital community.

    • Digital business strategy
    • Web development and visibility
    • UX/UI design for software and apps
  • A dedicated team providing the support you need.

    Whether you need to bring a project to fruition or meet a surge in demand, sometimes you need reinforcement. Our web of comprehensive expertise is available to you on a flexible basis and at a fair price. Count on us to help you breathe, and enjoy productive collaboration with a team that appreciates and understands you.

    • Guidance for internal teams
    • Marketing strategy, digital presence, and social media
    • Employer brand and culture
  • We’ve built an exceptional multidisciplinary network to make anything possible.

    Whatever expertise you need for your project, we can connect you with the right resource. Dju is a community of dedicated experts and collaborators, and we bring together a vast range of communications and marketing skills to offer a comprehensive suite of services.

    • Impactful copywriting and content
    • Artistic direction and graphic design
    • Visual identity creation

The strength of
our network

Our community of collaborators includes experts and professionals who excel in every aspect of communications and marketing, expanding our capacity to deliver innovative and multifaceted strategies. By tapping into our network, our clients gain access to a truly comprehensive spectrum of resources – and outstanding service.

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with expertise in brand communication and marketing, employer branding, and digital communications

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Art directors

graphic designers and illustrators

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editors and translators

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Presentation specialists

PowerPoint and Keynote

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Programming team

specialized in process automation, software development, and apps

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Press relations specialists

publicists and social media managers

Icon motion designers

Motion designers

videographers, photographers, photo editors, and directors

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equipped to handle any printing need

Nos réalisations

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Who we are

Dju Design was founded by Julie Bernèche in 2006 and hasn’t stopped growing since. Our team is defined by complementary strengths, contagious energy, and strong, supportive leadership. And that’s not all! Dju is also a vast community of experts and committed collaborators. Over time, we’ve built a multidisciplinary network that brings together skills in all facets of communications and marketing.

Together, we build a culture of kindness and camaraderie that fuels a spirit of collective knowledge.

We truly believe that authentic collaboration is about elevating an idea to the point where it can no longer be attributed to a single person, imprinting it with the talents of each individual who contributes to its evolution.

Our values

Our values

Ethical relationships

for unshakable reciprocity. We collaborate joyfully with those who share our principles: Mutual respect, the cornerstone of our interpersonal interactions. Commitment, which fosters genuine and lasting connections. Inclusion and equity, the pillars of diversity and ethical business conduct. And humanity, regardless of the nature of the relationship.


Each project we undertake is an opportunity to innovate and excel. It’s one of our greatest strengths: continuously learning, staying open-minded, and enriching our individual and collective knowledge. We’re constantly nurturing and expanding our network of experts, professional friendships, and valued clients; always on the lookout for brilliance.


First and foremost, teamwork is about moving forward and growing together – and at Dju Design, this includes our clients too. Our creative and strategic energy has the power to awaken, stimulate, astonish, and transform; breathing life into every project while adding measurable value. The constant drive to align business with human strategy is a source of deep inspiration, guiding us each day toward the next versions of ourselves.

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